Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Pro Clinics

From Ammo to What to Bring, we've got you covered.

What should I wear?
Dress for the weather: Comfortable pants, jeans or shorts, comfortable top, closed toe shoes, baseball cap.

What kind of equipment do I need?
** You must bring all of your own equipment, including ammo. **
Full-size handgun (pistol or revolver)
Side holster (must cover trigger)
Sturdy belt
Magazine pouch
Extra magazines
Shooting glasses
Hearing protection

In addition to the above - for the 3 Gun clinic also bring:
Shotgun - any type
Rifle - any type
Shotgun Caddy system
Multiple magazines or revolver speedloaders

How much ammo do I need to bring?
IDPA Clinic - 800 rounds of handgun ammo
IDPA Match - 200 rounds

3-Gun Clinic - 200 rounds each: Shotgun, handgun & rifle
3-Gun Match - 60 handgun rounds, 50 shotgun rounds & 60 rifle rounds

Is this camp ok for beginners?
The most important aspect of this clinic will be exercising the fundamental rules of firearms safety. You must also be comfortable drawing from the holster safely.
So, yes beginners are welcome. You don’t have to be fast. We only ask that you be safe.

Is lodging included?
Lodging is not included.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?
Tisma Juett,, 203-426-1320 ext. 219 or submit your question using this online form.